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  • Are You A Liberal?

    English Speaking Justice

    Are you a liberal?  G. P. Grant thinks you’re insane if you’re not. In his 1974 book, English-Speaking Justice, he proposes,

    Liberalism in its generic form is surely something that all decent men accept as good—‘conservatives’ included.  In so far as the word ‘liberalism’ is used to describe the belief that political liberty is a central human good, it is difficult for me to consider as sane those who would deny that they are liberals.

    Is this merely semantic quibbling? Without any more being said, I suppose, yes, it would be nothing more than a violation of Paul’s admonition to Timothy to “not quarrel about words” (2 Tim 2:14), but what if in the end it isn’t?  To quarrel about words would be like quarrelling about anything else—fruitless. To be succinct with our words would be to be like God, who has revealed Himself using words that mean a particular thing in a particular situation, therefore not meaning something else. (more…)

  • How to Avoid Death-By-Eucharist

    (This article was originally published at

    glass of wineGrowing up in a Southern Baptist church, I became accustomed to eating from the Lord’s Table once a quarter. The words of institution were read from 1 Corinthians 11, and the organ droned “Have Thine Own Way,” until everyone had been served. While the organ hummed we examined ourselves to see whether or not we should have been partaking at all. Most of us sat with heads bowed and eyes closed. (I know because I often got tired of examining myself and looked around hoping someone was doing something interesting.) Afterwards we left the auditorium in silence, not talking or fellowshipping until we had made our way into the outer hall. It was very respectful, for which I am thankful, and very somber, for which I am not. (more…)

  • It’s Good Work If You Can “Get It”

    Across this country there are new churches being planted every day. This is especially true in the South. In my little town south of Nashville, it seems like there’s a new church plant every month. This is good news, right? I mean, the growth of the kingdom necessarily means that we’re gonna need more churches. Right? Well, in theory, that’s correct… but I don’t think that’s what is happening in this case. Instead, what I think we’re seeing is a whole segment of Christians who are church hopping. Yes, there are new churches being started, but at the expense of older ones. This is not necessarily a bad thing if the older ones are bad churches, but, again, I don’t think this is what is going on. Rather, I think what we’re seeing are dissatisfied Christians looking to revitalize their relationship with Christ. They’re looking for something new, something exciting. A new church means new possibilities – a fresh start.

    The problem is, most Christians do not know why they are dissatisfied. They usually attribute it to community – they’re not clicking with anyone at their church. Sometimes they attribute it to the music – it’s not traditional enough, it’s not contemporary enough, etc. Sometimes it’s the lack of a “sold out” youth group. Or a pastor’s preaching style. Or not enough service projects. Or they’re not culturally relevant. The list goes on and on.

    Remember that movie Unbreakable? (more…)

  • Adopted & Adopting

    imageBefore adopting the triplets, we only had one daughter. Our solitary little girl, being surrounded by adults twenty-four hours a day, often acted more like an adult in a little body than a four-year-old. She wasn’t perfect, but she was an easy child to be around. Then, we adopted. Three 7-week-old babies entered our world in one day; our peaceful world of a single-child was gone; and things have been rocking ever since. Also, contributing to this was the fact that three years after adopting the triplets, my wife conceived and bore twins. In a period of three years, my household increased by 5 munchkins. So, there are eight of us: one dad, one mom, three boys, and three girls.

    A couple of the things I have learned about myself as a father through the years since the adoption: 1.) I am a man, for good or for ill, and 2.) I am only one man, never more, never less. (more…)

  • Not So Much as a Wink

    Now that we’re some two weeks past the Oscars, I guess any comment is definitely unfashionably late. But I’ve been reflecting on the excitement some Christians expressed over Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech, and it seems to me that a brief comment is still apropos.

    What got people going, of course, was the actor’s ostensible thanksgiving to God in the course of his speech. Mind you, it was a rather strange sort of thanksgiving. (more…)