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  • No Counsel Can Stand Against the Lord

    The concluding remarks of chapter 2, “Constantine the Great,” fromĀ Foxe’s Book of Martyrs are an encouragement to all Christians in every nation and country:

    I doubt not, good reader, but thou dost right well consider with thyself the marvellous working of God’s mighty power; to see so many emperors confederate together against the Lord and Christ His anointed, who, having the subjection of the whole world under their dominion, did bend their whole might and devices to expatriate the name of Christ and of all Christians. Wherein, if the power of man could have prevailed, what could they not do? or what could they do more than they did? If policy or devices could have served, what policy was there lacking? If torments or pains of death could have helped, what cruelty of torment by man could be invented which was not attempted? If laws, edicts, proclamations, written not only in tables, but engraven in brass, could have stood, all this was practised against the weak Christians. And yet, notwithstanding, to see how no counsel can stand against the Lord, note how well all these be gone, and yet Christ and his Church doth stand.