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About a Pub


In our minds, we often associate pubs with excessive drinking and all manner of unseemly activities.

But it wasn’t always so.

“Pubs,” short of course for “public houses,” were not always simply drinking establishments. They were at times the center of social interaction and fruitful conversation, much as the marketplaces of the ancient world were not simply shopping centers. To share one’s pub table was not merely an exercise in commiseration. It was a manifestation of companionship, community and on occasion, intellectual incandescence.

The Untamed Lion aims to live up to the public house metaphor. So grab a beer or two (but hopefully no more than that), and let’s talk.

Who We Are

We are a few Christian people who believe that Jesus came to bring life overflowing, and an overflowing life like that reaches into all the nooks and crannies, as far as the curse is found.

Joe Thacker is pastor of St Mark Reformed Church in Brentwood.

Marc is a surveyor and classical educator.

Brian has a degree in theology and works in utilities.

Tim is a seminary graduate, author, and web freelancer.

We all like to read, think, and talk, and none of us mind sharing a mug.

Face to Face

In addition to this web site, we have an in-person monthly get-together called Friars’ Forum. We usually meet at local brewery The Black Abbey.

Call Joe Thacker at (615) 438-3109 for information regarding this month’s meeting.