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  • Must We Behave Ourselves?

    Behaving?For a variety of reasons, Christians are becoming uncertain about matters of behaviour. Not just what exactly constitutes good behaviour, but even whether it really matters, anyway.

    On the one hand, there are “emergent” and “progressive” evangelicals who increasingly are wary to appeal to Scripture as providing any sort of norm for behaviour. After all, Scripture has so often been misinterpreted and read selectively. (Perhaps incongruously, this is almost invariably followed up by some variation of the “all you need is love” refrain. Odd that that could never be misinterpreted and prejudicially understood.)

    On the other hand, there are ostensibly conservative pastors who stress that the only thing that matters is “the gospel,” and in this case, the gospel is defined as the free acceptance which God gives to sinners, warts and all. In fact, one should be wary of moral effort and certainly of any notion of moral improvement. (more…)

  • Slavery, Polygamy, and the Bible

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    Non-Christians (and increasingly, those who self-identify as “Christians”) frequently dismiss biblical ethical norms with a quick “Oh, but the Bible condones slavery and polygamy!”

    With, of course, the obvious implication that the Bible’s morals are awfully unreliable. Because it “condoned” things that we find offensive, and that even Christians seem embarrassed about. (We Christians, after all, seem agreed by now that both polygamy and slavery are bad.)

    And then, having cast aside the Bible as a reliable guide, we enlightened moderns can take on that role of deciding for ourselves what is right and wrong. (more…)

  • Not So Much as a Wink

    Now that we’re some two weeks past the Oscars, I guess any comment is definitely unfashionably late. But I’ve been reflecting on the excitement some Christians expressed over Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech, and it seems to me that a brief comment is still apropos.

    What got people going, of course, was the actor’s ostensible thanksgiving to God in the course of his speech. Mind you, it was a rather strange sort of thanksgiving. (more…)

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